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It is the wine that makes Tarara Winery a major player in the Mid Atlantic.

The venue is modern and well appointed.

Inside the tasting room.

The large deck that hovers above the hillside offers a lovely spot to take in the view of the river and the rolling hills of Maryland on the far side. The 475-acre estate that extends west behind the winey is a beautiful setting with includes forest, a lake and about 40 acres of vines.

The estate grapes are supplemented with additional Virginia fruit to allow winemaker Jordan Harris to produce nine different wines and about 10,000 cases annually. While Harris is “always looking for anther site that’s interesting,” there are no plans to increase production. The plan is to continually improve quality while maintaining the current case count.

I might take space talking about the merits of a few individual Tarara wines, but it seems prudent to speak in more general terms. I recently tasted through the regular lineup and all of the wines were worthy of note. It is rare to enter any tasting room and encounter such consistent quality. 

Open to Public
Mon-Thu 11 to 5; Fri-Sun 11 to 6

A view of the tasting bar.

I can also laud the overall quality of the Tarara experience. The staff is knowledable, professional and customer oriented. The venue is modern and well appointed. The outdoor space is one that makes visitors want to linger. All of this is important, because wineries must attract patrons.

Of course, they must attract visitors to the tasting room, but they must also retain patrons. It is the wine that will do that. It is also the wine that makes Tarara Winery a major player in the Mid Atlantic.

If you have not visited, it is time you did. If you have, it is time to return. After you stop in, please let me know what you think.


The large deck that hovers above the hillside.

Owner(s): Margaret Hubert
Winemaker: Jordan Harris​

The view of the river and the rolling hills of Maryland.

A few days after my public tasting, I returned and sat down with Harris to taste through some of the library offerings. Parts of the lineup were vertical. In other words, we tasted several of the same wines from different vintages. In addition, we sampled a number of very old beverages. There were two takeaways. First, while different years produced markedly different wines, they were uniformly excellent. Second, the wines are age worthy.

I don’t think that these qualities necessarily make Tarara unique. There are other Virginia wineries producing similar results. It does, however, place Tarara in the top band of producers. There are probably 20 other wineries in the Commonwealth competing directly with Harris and his program.

Tarara Winery Profile

    Written by Brian Nov 20, 2017

In northeastern Loudoun County, the Potomac River hooks south creating a small peninsular landmass on the Virginia side. This section of Loudoun County contains a handful of excellent wineries known as the “Potomac cluster.”

One of them is Tarara Winery and its tasting room/winery complex is carved into the steep bank that rises up from river. This gives the winery something of a cellar feel, which is compounded by it being the physical basement of the owner’s home. 

13648 Tarara Lane; Leesburg, Virginia 20176

phone: 703-771-7100

​email: No available email