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Totem is Yonah Mountains most premium wine.

Yonah Mountain Vineyards Profile

     Written by Brian Dec 20, 2018

I arrived at Yonah Mountain Vineyards near Cleveland, Georgia on a dreary, late-autumn afternoon. Fog shrouded the nearby mountains and partially obscured my view of the the vineyard. A light rain began to fall as I ran from my car to the portico that led to the main door of the tasting room.

Owner(s): Bob Miller

Winemaker: Tristen Van Hoff

Inside the private wine cellar.

Twenty of the estate’s 200 acres are devoted to grapes. This accounts for about 55% of the 3500 cases Yonah Mountain produces annually. Another 45% is sourced from California. Winemaker Tristen Van Hoff is crafting that fruit into some extraordinary wine. I will say that  Totem, the flagship red blend, is an excellent wine even at the elevated pricepoint. It is complex with great tannic structure and is certainly a wine worthy of cellar space.

At the end of our discussion, Bob guided me downstairs to the only wine cave in Georgia. Then we made a quick stop in his cellar, where private tastings are occasionally conducted. All of this in combination with the tasting space on the ground floor make this a prime destination for oenophiles. It is no wonder that a large following comes from Metro Atlanta.

Once inside, I discovered a room that was both spacious and well appointed. Despite the nasty weather, there was a lively crowd inside. Music played and customers were assembled at the tasting bar or else dispersed to the surrounding tables with a bottle or glass of wine. I introduced myself to a staff member and was in turn handed off to owner Bob Miller, who led me away from the crowded tasting space and into a back room where we might talk without shouting.

Bob and I spoke for a half hour or so about various aspects of the winery and his approach to the business of wine. The goal is to attract informed wine drinkers interested in a high-quality product and a great deal of money and effort go toward that end. Prices are set accordingly. Yonah Mountain is the first to bottle a $100 Georgia wine.

The portico leading to the tasting room's main door.

Open to Public 

Mon-Thu 12 to 5, Fri 11 to 6, Sat 11- 7:30, Sun 12:30 to 6

Yonah Mountain is geared toward a higher end wine drinker.

The only wine cave in Georgia.

Clouds on the mountains above the vineyard.

I left with the impression that Yonah Mountain Vineyards is a distinct winery of note and absolutely worth a visit. When exploring the North Georgia Dahlonega Plateau, make this one of your stops. After you do, please let me know what you think.

1717 Hwy 255 S, Cleveland, GA 30528

phone: (706) 878-5522