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A few bottles from the tasting lineup.

Vicki and Mark Fedor are also the winemakers at North Gate. Their wines are continual award winners at events across the U.S. and throughout the Commonwealth. Their 2012 Meritage was selected for the 2015 Governor’s Case, which is one of the most prestigious honors for a Virginia wine. I’ll talk more about that wine in just a second.

​There are nine wines listed on the North Gate website. I was able to taste seven of the wines from that lineup. They are sourcing Riesling from New York, but all the other grapes are either procured locally or grown on the property. All of the wines were well crafted, but there were three I found to be of exceptional note. The Rkatsiteli gets points just for being out of the ordinary, but it was also a fabulous wine. It is a bone-dry white with bright acidity and a very crisp finish. Of course the Meritage was my personal favorite. It contains layers of complexity and from nose to finish, it is every inch an award winner. Finally, the apple wine is one of the most popular and it is easy to see why. The tasting sheet describes it as, “like biting into a fresh, juicy sweet apple,” and I am unable to say that any better. 

​Another interesting note about North Gate is their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold certification. The tasting room is made almost exclusively from reclaimed and recycled material and it is powered entirely by solar power. They also actively employ practices that conserve water, reduce waste and address recycling. 

The tasting experience overall gets two thumbs up. The staff was friendly, courteous and customer oriented. In addition, they were knowledgable and were not limited to descriptions of the wine. I had a very nice conversation with my wine steward and he was able to expand on many details of the winery. 

So if you are in Loudoun County and anywhere near Purcellville, North Gate Vineyard is certainly worthy of your time. So check them out. If you should happen to make it up that way, I will be very curious to hear what you think. 

Open to Public
Thu-Mon 11 to 6

First visitors of the day at the tasting bar.

Owner(s): Vicki and Mark Fedor
Winemaker: Vicki and Mark Fedor​

Outside the tasting room on a dreary day.

Nothing like a wood fire in the tasting room.

North Gate Vineyard Profile

     Written by Brian Mar 16, 2015

There are a handful of Virginia wineries that I keep hearing about, but I’ve never managed a visit. Most of them are up in the northern-most reaches of the state. I had been hearing great reports from all the bloggers about North Gate Vineyard. I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious, so I made the drive last weekend and made it the first stop on a mini-tour of wineries in that area.

​The North Gate tasting room only opened in 2011, but Vicki and Mark Fedor started planting vines in 2002. Today, seven of the property’s twenty-six acres are under vine and they are leasing other vineyard acreage. Production was increased incrementally each year until they reached their production limit of 5000 cases. Going forward, attention will focus entirely on adding quality to the eclectic lineup of wines.

16031 Hillsboro Road; Purcellville, Virginia 20132

phone: 540-668-6248