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 The patio and back lawn at Keswick.

One of the dog-friendliest wineries in Virginia..

As I said, please let me know of other wineries for this list. I’d like to make this a more comprehensive resource for dog owners.

Dog Day at Breaux.

Lexington Valley Vineyard (Shenandoah Valley) hosts a monthly “Wine and Wags” event on the second Friday of every month. See their website for more detail. 

Keswick Vineyards (Central Virginia) hosts a “Yappy Hour” every Sunday afternoon. Visitors are encouraged to bring their dogs for a pet-friendly social event on the winery lawn. Keswick also dedicates these events to various pet-shelter organizations.

Chateau Morrisette  (Blue Ridge) allows dogs in the winery, on tours and in the restaurant as as long as they are on a leash. Outside there is plenty of room for your pet companion to run around. They devote an entire page of their website to their dog-friendly policy.

You’ll find lots of space on the the Barrel Oak property.

A lot of space for your dog to run free at Three Fox.

Dog-Friendly Virginia Wineries

Breaux Vineyards (Northern Virginia) hosts an annual Dog Day event and offers lot’s of space for you and your canine companion.

Wide-open space behind the tasting room at Lexington Valley.

DuCard Vineyards (Central Virginia) is very pet friendly and has ample room for both pets and families to spread out and enjoy the spectacular views of the Blue Ridge.

​I’m frequently asked by friends and acquaintances about wineries that they can visit with their pets. A few have events specifically for dogs and others are just very tolerant. I find that a few restrict dogs altogether. Most, however, allow dogs on a leash. Here are a few that are extremely dog tolerant or have special dog events.

If you know of others that should be added to the list, please let me know. I’ll recirculate this periodically and it can always be accessed on my website.

Barrel Oak Winery (Northern Virginia) is certainly one of the most dog-friendly wineries in the Commonwealth.  They abbreviate their name and refer to the winery as “BOW,” which should confirm their dog-friendly posture. In addition, BOW regularly sponsors philanthropic events for shelters and rescue agencies and there’s plenty of room on the property for you and your pet.

Ample space to run around behind the tasting room.

Three Fox (Northern Virginia) may be one of the few wineries in the state that allows dogs to run free. There are dog treats available in the tasting room and meadow area near the creek is ideal for an off-leash dog.