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Owner(s): Clyde Bodie

Winemaker: Clyde Bodie

Tastings take place outside in the pavilion. 

French-American hybrids are used to craft all of the Bodie wines.

A few of the Bodie Vineyards offerings.

A single acre of estate grapes is used to produce 200 cases annually.  

1809 May Way Drive; Powhatan, VA 23139

phone: 804-598-2240

email: See website

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There are only two wines currently produced. The Michaux Blanc is 100% Cayuga and the Rochette Rouge is 100% Buffalo. Both are done in a dry style. If the plans for additional acres under vine come to pass, there will likely be some blends and there was talk of a Cayuga sparkling wine. It’s worth a trip out to see what’s going on at Bodie Vineyards. It’s a small operation, but the wines are well made and you simply don’t find many of these hybrids elsewhere in the state. In addition, some of the Bodie vines are nearly 45 years old. And you won’t find that anywhere else in the Commonwealth. So I’d say this is a pretty exciting discovery. Stop in and let me know if you agree.

Open to Public
Mon-Sat 1 to 6
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Clyde planted an acre of Cayuga and Buffalo. Several others were experimented with over the years, but they failed to thrive in the local red clay soil. He made small batches of wine for family consumption. Well, maybe not so small. So much wine was produced, that consumption failed to keep pace and he soon ran short of storage space. The family strongly urged him to apply for a farm winery permit and try to make a little money from his hobby. 

​He jumped through all the hoops and in 2008, Bodie Vineyards produced it’s first vintage. Although the trees still stand near the tasting room, Clyde has long since given up on fruit wines. The acre of grapes results in around 200 cases annually and that’s currently the upward production limit. Some recently planted Foche (which I believe is technically Marechal Foche) was added as an additional varietal. There are plans to use the grape for blending. There are also plans to add another three acres of vines. When pressed on when the planting might take place, all Clyde would say was “not this Fall.” So we’ll have to wait and see how things develop in the coming years.

Bodie Vineyards Profile

     Written by Brian Sep 8, 2014

Clyde Bodie is a seventh generation decendent of Huguenots, who fled religious persecution in their native France. After Abraham and Susanna Michaux arrived in the Americas in the early 1700s, they received a series of land grants from the English crown in what is now Powhatan County, Virginia. Clyde’s current property is a just a few miles removed from that original tract.

​Clyde has been around wine since he was five years old. As of this writing Clyde is 86 and he speaks fondly of how his father made wine from Dew Berries growing wild on the family farm. You might say the craft was in his blood, when years later Clyde started making wine from produce on his Powhatan County farm. He used everything available from apples to dandelions, but he also planted grapes. As early as 1972, he began experimenting with French-American hybrids that were developed at Cornel University.